Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pop Syndicate Chewy Goodness!

Stefan Halley of has given us forum home!

One of the “secret” hopes of FTC is to be a part of the Pop Syndiacte family.

As listners were were among the happiest family memebers there. Stephen upped the anti though. We are now among the podcast forums listings! Now we can chatter with the entire family about our show! We invite you all who are not familuar to get you asses over there! The forusm is just a small part of all that Pop Syndicate has to offer!

Hurry! See what you’ve been missing!

Direct forum link:

Episode 2 is up!

Episode 2 is available for download via Itunes!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Show is in ITunes

The show has been approved! No more goofy instructions. Just go to the ITunes Store, search out First Time Caller and Subscribe B****es! ;)

(You are not really B****es, but beloved followers ... I do windows!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Show is Up!

Parts 1 & 2 have been posted @

You can also got to Itunes BUT...

Until it is authorized you have to subscribe manually with this url - through the Itunes advanced menu.

(see below pictures)

Friday, June 5, 2009


Subscribe and Make a difference!

And So It Has Begun…

Sandi (AKA Demise) and J ("Jay" , AKA Fakeshemp) have gone and done it! We decided to place ourselves among the "talkers." However, we will still be the listeners! We have recorded our first show: 1st Time Caller!

1st Time Caller (or First Time Caller) is now in the official works. Each show will center on the review of & highlighting of one or two podcasts each week.

J and I have been podcast listeners for some time now. We want to share those special, semi special, and even horrific, moments with the masses. J has a very wide variety of movie related podcasts in his queue among a few political and technical pieces. As you may have read in our last blog, I started with gaming and comic podcasts then transitioned to horror movies casts. I still keep some managerial and language casts in there for support in my professional life.

How does one become avid podcast fans? J and I have a lot of things we do that allow for steady listening to some sort of entertainment every day. We have found that podcasts fill those hours in a much more interactive and fulfilling way then music can do, hour-after-hour, day-in and day-out. We love the interaction, the community and friendships that result from a quality show and their fans. So, the hard part, how to review friends and enemies?

Fortunately we have no official enemies, so that part will be easy for now. Very unfortunately, that leaves mostly friends to review! However, we are not out to maim anyone, or to fix any show. We are just hear to share what caught, or didn't catch, our attention. We'll share what about the shows we feel makes it worth investing the time in, and if they have community to offer. So (hopefully), all the podcasters out there will understand that intent and not crucify us for this service we will provide their potential audience. Any publicity is good publicity, right? ... Fellas? ... Right?

The first episode is in the ca. Sort of. All the pieces have been passed to my tech guru (my hubby!), who will do his "sound-magic" and let me know when I can upload for distribution. J and I got SO out of hand, that when I combined our recordings with promos of shows and a small "Boo-Cast" with my son, it turned in to an epic episode! Therefore, it will be distributed as a 2 parter! When any of that occurs, I will be the first to tell you all!

In the mean time, send us suggestion for future reviews! You are why we are doing this!

Email :
Skype Voicemail : /real.demise

Sunday, May 10, 2009

First Time Caller Presents The First First Time Caller’s First Blog Post!

What does one do when they think about starting a podcast? They get all excited, buy some gear, record some stuff and then pause… and think …….

“Holy Shit! What do I do now?”

Over a year ago, my spouse turned me onto podcasts. Extra Life Radio (ELR) might have been the first. It fit right in with the amazing amount of WOW we were playing, our geeky lifestyle & the driving I seemed to be doing more & more often. The Instance, 1 Up Yours, The Malestorm Podcast and others soon followed. They provided tips on the games we were playing and a chance to hear fellow gamers talk about some thing we loved. Our friends were listening too, so we had more to share. That helped the entertainment aspect of the games. It was no longer about the just gaming.

Times changed so the casts changed. Web comics were becoming more popular. This led to me searching for similarly entertaining outlets. Soon Webcomic Beacon & Blazing Prattles, among others, were nice additions. Pseudopod a horror story cast was straight entertainment. I not only wanted info & entertainment, there was a need for better quality & sound! For that the likes of ELR & Pseudopod lasted on the playlist for quite some time. Community was an added bonus. Forums and call-ins help listeners connect with each others & the hosts, & create loyalty.

Loyalty begat downloads, and participation, which begat more loyalty. The urges to loyally listen and post every week became every day. The solid community relationships and reliable content even urged me to support some of these (crazy) non-profiteers, with my meager donations. I feel support & feedback motivates quality. Improved quality leads to more downloads, & so the cycle continues. You might say that from that point things can get better, or worse.

If the podcast gets worse, the participation slows or even stops. It’s easy to fall out of love with a podcast that drops quality of show or treatment of its fans. If the podcast gets better it gets a “following”, a devoted fan base that just gets bigger throughout the life of the show. Cinema Diabolica is who I follow these days, among others. With any good show comes community. (Think www.!)These community relationships build within the feedback discussions, the forums and places like Twitter & Facebook. Fans start to feel more like insiders and those who affect content.

Next thing you know a listener thinks they might need to be the talker. This can be disastrous or miraculous. For miraculous think Gentleman’s Guide to Midnight Cinema. For disastrous you may not even need to leave this blog.

Time will surely tell…

Saturday, May 9, 2009

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